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Firm History

NCP, Inc. was founded by Eric Lohmeier in 2005 with support from William N. Goodwin and the late David J. Noble. The very name of our firm, NCP (originally Noble Capital Partners), was derived from Mr. Noble, founder and former CEO and Chairman of American Equity Life, one of Iowa’s most successful insurance companies. Among many of his generosities over a legendary career, Mr. Noble provided the initial capital for our firm.


The firm was established in order to address a deep void in the investment banking advisory market by catering to established, small and middle market firms which had been virtually abandoned in response to consolidations within the US regional brokerage industry.


Since NCP’s original founding, the firm has performed numerous advisory and consulting assignments for private, public and mutual companies, and while focusing on the Midwest, has completed assignments for clients across the globe.


NCP’s founder and advisory board members represent one of the most experienced and credentialed institutional investment banking franchises in the region. 

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