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NCP is an investment banking boutique focusing on lower and middle market Merger & Acquisition (M & A) and Merchant Banking opportunities ($20 million to $250 million target market).


Since its inception, our firm has provided clients unparalleled service and advisory expertise across multiple industries and both domestic and international assignments - we strive for no outside conflicted interests, as we generally work for our clients on a success fee basis and references are our primary means of deal flow.

Industries of Experience

NCP has specialized in industries that are reflective of the Midwest economy - including niche manufacturing, distribution, agriculture, transportation and similar, tangential business services or technology companies in support of these sectors. The firm also works extensively within the insurance and financials space, leveraging deep networks throughout Iowa which maintains one of the largest concentrations in insurance and banking entities in the entire US. 


Our firm has access to industry leading databases and many specialized information sources, not least of which is the unparalleled reach of our rolodex.  Additionally, NCP has a higher concentration of associates that maintain the CFA designation than virtually any investment bank in the country.  These resources enable us to provide unique and leading edge solutions within a wide variety of industries and businesses, especially in the Midwest region of the US.


NCP, Inc. was founded by Eric Lohmeier in 2005 with support from David J. Noble and William N. Goodwin (among many others) for which we are eternally grateful.

NCP has a registered broker dealer affiliate company for certain transactional based relationships.

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